"Do NOT labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting LIFE..." - The Gospel of John 6:27 (NKJV)
A systematic and daily reading of the Word of God is important in maintaining a strong Christian life. Establish a daily quiet time with God and His Word. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you understand what you read. By following our daily Bible reading schedule through this blog, you will be able to read the Bible through in a year. Please note that you may utilize the ‘BIBLE READER’ app that is installed at the bottom of this webpage to assist you in reading the specified scripture portion for today.

To get the MOST from God's Word, please do the following intentionally:
1. REQUEST God to connect with you as you read the word of God with FOCUS and OPENNESS to see what God wants to speak with you.
2. READ the selected sections of Scripture slowly as you mark the words and phrases that intrigue you, even reading them the second time to get a better understanding.
3. REFLECT on what God is communicating to you; stopping long enough to let the seed of God's Word take root in your heart.
4. RESPOND to the passage speaking directly to God about what is in your heart, and then look out for ways to live out what you find - individually, and to others within your church and elsewhere.

As you read and meditate, ask yourself the following three questions:
a) What is God speaking to me through this passage?
b) Is there a command, a promise or a warning for me?
c) Is there an example for me to follow?

Please POST your comments below if there is a thought or message that the Lord has spoken to you through the passage that you are reading and meditating today. Please make sure that your post is aligned to the scripture passage mentioned at the header. All comments should pertain to the relevant scripture portions only, and should be aimed to glorify God (the true author of 'The Bible') & edify everyone who visits this blog site daily - both young and old. May God bless you abundantly for encouraging others through your comments!

Let's PRAY...
LORD, give me the desire to take a little time out of my busy schedule today as I read and meditate on Your Word. Give me this day MY DAILY BREAD. Speak to me clearly & lead me today as my Good Shepherd. Help me to be a blessing to others who interact with me as I attempt to be a living witness of Your Word today. In Your Name I pray, AMEN.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11 Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles Chapters 28-30

It’s TIME to REPAIR our broken WORSHIP: "Hezekiah became king when he was twenty-five years old, and he reigned twenty-nine years in Jerusalem. His mother's name was Abijah the daughter of Zechariah. And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his father David had done. In the first year of his reign, in the first month, he opened the doors of the house of the Lord and repaired them." (2 Chron 29:1-3)

When Hezekiah had ascended to the throne of Judah, the spiritual condition was very bad. His father Ahaz had “gathered the articles of the house of God, cut in pieces the articles of the house of God, shut up the doors of the house of the Lord, and made for himself altars in every corner of Jerusalem. And in every single city of Judah he made high places to burn incense to other gods, and provoked to anger the Lord God of his fathers.” (2 Chron 28:24-25) In order to make a new start that was right in the sight of God, Hezekiah had to repair and reinstate the worship back in the temple in Jerusalem, which he did as follows:
  1. He opened the closed doors of the house of the Lord and repaired them (2 Chron 29:3)
  2. He gathered the priests together, who sanctified themselves for worship as well as sanctified the house of God along with all the articles in the temple (vv. 4-19)
  3. He rose early in the morning, gathered the rulers of the city and went into the house of God (v. 20)
  4. On their behalf, the priests sacrificed burnt offering and sin offering to God (vv. 21-24)
  5. As the burnt offerings were offered, the Levites started worshiping God with songs of praise accompanied by musical instruments (vv. 25-30)
  6. Finally, King Hezekiah reinstated the Passover celebrations, even though it was delayed from the time set by God.
To summarize, the following was the result of King Hezekiah repairing the worship in Jerusalem:
  • "So the service of the house of the Lord was set in order. Then Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced that God had prepared the people, since the events took place so suddenly." (2 Chron 29:35-36) 
  • "And the Lord listened to Hezekiah and healed the people." (2 Chron 30:20)
  • “So there was great joy in Jerusalem, for since the time of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel, there had been nothing like this in Jerusalem.” (2 Chron 30:26)
  • “Then the priests, the Levites, arose and blessed the people, and their voice was heard; and their prayer came up to His holy dwelling place, to heaven.” (2 Chron 30:27)
It is high time that we also repair our broken worship in order to experience the blessings of God. "Come now, and let us reason together," says the Lord, "though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land" (Isaiah 1:18-19)

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